Weekly Planning, Education and Coaching

About The Drinking Plan

An Unmet Need, Until Now.


Too many people are in the "in between" place. Not convinced they are an "alcoholic" but admit they struggle with addictive tendencies and use alcohol to cope with stress and/or have fun. Some folks aren't ready or aren't willing to cut out alcohol completely, because although they do overindulge, they still want to enjoy a margarita at their favorite mexican restaurant and a glass of wine in Italy one day (or their backyard on a lazy Saturday).  These sorts of situations commonly affect relationships, productivity at work, general health and energy, and possibly have led to some legal complications.  Perhaps it's not "THAT bad" but it's bad ENOUGH.  Everything is relative, but when we are living tired, disconnected, argument-laden lives, it's time to do something different.  This is where The Drinking Plan weekly personal coaching comes in.  To assist you with a REALISTIC plan to enjoy what you like but not let it affect you and your loved ones negatively.  This is possible, you CAN gain control, press reset, and keep pressing reset anytime you need to.

Is This Right For You?


If the above describes you, then it's pretty clear this is the plan for you.  But what if you've been to more intensive recovery centers in the past and nothing is working? This could be right for you too. Since the goal is moderation and not abstinence, a wide spectrum of users can benefit.  Anytime you are choosing awareness and wanting to take more control over something that is "taking over", you are making a step in the right direction.  You really don't have much to lose.  

Let's Keep It Simple. Next Steps...


Book your free initial consultation here.  No obligation, no charge, just talking possibilities.  If you are the spouse or loved one of someone in need, this program might be the right compromise.  Explain that there is no obligation, this can just be an exploration into their habits and awareness. Ultimately they will be the one who will need to decide if it is something they are willing to pursue at this time.